Property Management Fraud

Yes – Property Management Fraud – is on the risePropertyManagementFraud

I see this happening all the time!  This is exactly why I do Joint Venture Partnerships where you the investor and I, Dan Ringwald of National Home Buyers, LLC are both on the Deed 50/50.  That makes me a property owner with you 50/50 not a property manager.  The only way I generate income is by keeping the expenses low and the income high so you and I both make a profit.

Sure there are some property managers out there that still have some integrity and I will work with them two.  How much time and money will be lost by you on your own looking for a good one while getting ripped off.  Good luck going it alone.

Join me and see.  I am not in this business to lose money and I have a track record of making it work and referral Joint Venture Partners who will confirm they are working with me now and are getting ROI’s of 18% in the first 12 months and 100% in about six years!

I am also building teams of Property locators via GoToMeeting/NHBig