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Hilton Santa Barbara Beachfront Resort
633 E Cabrillo Blvd, Santa Barbara CA 93103
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Located in Santa Barbara California

Dan Ringwald 805-242-3004 Call or Text me any time
Join or Update Your Information – we never cold call you to buy your home.
No one else can have our website name thanks to the wisdom of the internet.
Thanks to government stupidity other people can register the same LLC name like ours National Homebuyers LLC so when you get a cold call to sell your home get their phone number and actual website name and you will see it’s not our website and we are not cold calling you.  We only send out texts and emails and only call you if you respond and ask us to call you.  If you happen to call, text, or email us asking us to stop calling you we will text you a link to this page and hopefully after reading this you will know it’s not us and know what you can do from reading the information above.  You can also use phone, text, and email blockers.  Good luck stopping those phony impostors behind their see through curtains!