We Sell Homes

Yes, we do sell Homes, Land, Commercial Properties from $20,000 to $6,500,00.

We have access to thousands of Investors, Cash Buyers,  and Properties all over the USA.  Our properties are For Sale By Owners (FSBO) no MLS listings.  Some of these can be found on our Google Doc link below.  If you see something you like you just contact with us to see if it’s still available.  If you are new to us here at NHB LLC please look over our Joint Venture Investing page and watch my 1 hour Joint Venture Partner video to the upper right or on the homepage so you get a better idea of the services and properties we have to offer you.

Rent Ready Properties – $20,000 to $100,000
Join Venture Partners Only!

This link is a Google Doc location where we have our most current Property Listings with information and pictures.  Some listings will just have pictures with very little information and others will have lots of information and maybe only one picture.  That is because we have lots of different sources for these properties so the format of showing them will be much different from property to property.  Just let us know which one you are interested in and we will get you the information you need to help move you forward.

Turn-Key Properties – Turn-Key $20,000 to $100,000
Joint Venture Partners Only!

These are properties we already own as seen at NH Big Inc. and possibly have tenants occupying the properties.  If we do not already have a Joint Venture Partner on one of these you can buy into one knowing it’s Turn-Key and ready to go.  All income, all expense, and all repairs have been accounted for and you know what you are getting into which means a good return on your investment!

Quick Flip Properties – $100,000 to $6,500,000
These are Contract Assignments deals through NH Big Inc.

We find Sellers and match them with Cash Only Buyers for small assignment fees which are all negotiable.  Some properties will have some owner financing as well.  We do this all over the USA in higher priced neighborhoods.  We focus on properties that cannot be sold through the MLS and Realtors because they usually need major rehabs and no underwriter will approve an owner occupant loan with banks and mortgage companies due to the needed repairs.  This gives us the advantage of working with Cash Buyers to purchase your property.  Even if your property doesn’t need major repairs getting Cash Buyers will speed up the process of closing quickly in a few weeks.  Finding buyers who need loans will typically fall out of escrow and take months to find a buyer.  No competition from Realtors here.  Just great deals for our Cash Buying Investors and closing quickly for our Sellers.

See our Contact page and call, email, or text us any time.  In fact do it now just to get started!