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What you get in our Group Coaching Calls

  • Business Credibility Partnering with NHB LLC & SBREIA President/CEO
  • Business Cards, Postcards, Letters, Contracts, Forms and more
  • Nationwide Leads, Properties, Cash Buyers, Motivated Sellers, Private Lenders
  • Access to Business Software worth at least $5,000
  • Real Estate Training – Weekly Live Online Meetings and past Recorded Meetings
  • Podio CRM – Access to Real Estate Training Material and Private Workspace
  • Websites for listing your properties and deals
  • Free Tech Support on automating your business
  • Toll Free #  866-853-0803 Voice mail and your own extension number

Training 1 on 1 with Dan Ringwald

First let me say one of the best services I can offer you is my Rent Ready Properties. There are three ways to generate income from these.  The first is to purchase one and become a Joint Venture Partner with me where I do all the work and you just collect a high return on your investment and rental income checks each month.  If you don’t currently have the $20,000 to invest then let’s move on to the second way of generating income from these.

You can learn how to do this business just like me from the coaching I have outlined below.  I am not worried about the competition because there are thousands of foreclosure homes on the market and I personally would only want to manage about 30 or 40 of them. That leaves thousands more for people just like you.  It is a full-time job, it can be difficult, and if you are not on top of the game you could lose a lot of money.  If you are not up for that battle then there is a third way to generate income from this.

You can refer an investor back to me and you get $500 for every property we close on.  If you referred one investor to me and he purchased 10 properties you would make $5,000.  That is a really safe and easy way to generate income.

The are many places in the world and the internet to get real estate coaching and as you may have noticed they all want you to sign up for a lengthy seminar style program for thousands of dollars. Although some can be very educational, the price and the assistant, not the guru, who coaches you, leaves a lot to be desired.

We also offer free education on-line through

Why are we charging some people for training and not others?  Because we want to increase the number of people attending our  The 1st meeting you attend is free and qualifies you for 30 days of free training after the meeting you attended.  Once the 30 days after the meeting you attended is over you free training is over.  You cannot bank it and save it for later.  Each time you attend an SBREIA Meeting you get another 30 days.  Meetings are $10 in advance online or $20 cash at the door.  You can get free training forever by bringing a 1st time guest to our meetings.  That get you and your guest in free and gives you 30 days each time you bring a 1st time guest so the will give you free training forever.  Just make sure we make a note on the sign in list that you brought a guest and want the free training for the next 30 days.

We have a coaching approach that let’s you ease your way in so you get a good feel for who is coaching you and if the coach and the information works for you. You receive just the desired amount of coaching you want and in the area of your choice. When you have received what you need you can ease out and come back at a later date, on your schedule from the comfort of your home. All your time can be divided up into the hours and minutes you want and when you need it. You do need to put your time and education to use within a 12 month period from the point of purchase or you will lose what you don’t use. This should help you stay focused, on track, and help you use up the time you have paid for.

Before signing up for any coaching you should always call us first for some free consultation time. You need to know if this is right for you and we need to know if there is a possibility that we can help you and coach you. The great part is you can start off with just a little time and increase it if you need more. Stop for a few months if needed and then come back for more.

Working with experienced people who deal with the real estate market on a daily basis makes a huge difference in your success. If you are coachable we can make the difference you are looking for. Give us a call first and then come back and sign up for the amount of coaching time you desire.

As seen below we give good price breaks for larger blocks of time. If you want coaching on how to find a good deal like a pre-foreclosure we can help you. We have many foreclosures coming to us on a daily basis. We can give you one or help you find one and coach you through the process to the closing table. Ask us about that as well.

Although much has been said about foreclosures remember we do all kinds of real estate coaching. We even create web sites for your business or clean up an old one that is not producing and can coach you through that process as well.  That is done through

Personal 1 on 1 Coaching with Dan Ringwald

Payments – Use this link when you are ready to make a purchase and put in quantity 1 and the dollar amount and include some comments that this is for Training.  Before signing up for any coaching you should always call, email, or text me to make sure you understand what you are signing up for.

Real Estate Coaching – 1 Hour Block at $50 per hour – Price $50.00

Real Estate Coaching – You get a chance to see what is possible and get some serious questions answered. This can be used any time during a 12 month period which starts at your point of purchase. See the example above for tracking your billing time.

Real Estate Coaching – 3 Hour Block at $45 per hour – Price $135.00

You save $15.00 on a 3 hour block of coaching. This can be used any time during a 12 month period which starts at your point of purchase. See the example above for tracking your billing time.

Real Estate Coaching – 5 hour Block at $40 per hour – Price $200.00

You save $50.00 on a 5 hour block of coaching. This can be used any time during a 12 month period which starts at your point of purchase. See the example above for tracking your billing time.

Real Estate Coaching – 7 hour Block at $35 per hour – Price $245.00

You save $105.00 on a 7 hour block of coaching. This can be used any time during a 12 month period which starts at your point of purchase. See the example above for tracking your billing time.

Real Estate Coaching – 10 Hour Block at $30 per hour – Price $300.00
You save $200.00 on a 10 hour block of coaching. This can be used any time during a 12 month period which starts at your point of purchase. See the example above for tracking your billing time.

Tracking your Time for 1 on 1 Personal Coaching is Easy

It’s online all the time on a Google spreadsheets.  We also send you emails from time to time as we work through your support needs.  If you have been out of touch for a few weeks or months you can call or email or login to your Google spreadsheet and see where you left off with your time, work, and charges. Once your time is used up you simply go back to our website here and sign up for more time whenever you need it.

Below is an example of some Real Estate coaching and how the time is tracked. All of our coaching time is tracked this way for whatever coaching you want, buying, selling, flips, equity deals, pre-foreclosures, and more. The tracking will help you understand what has been covered. Seeing this before you sign up makes it clear on what to expect in the billing process. No surprises, just the facts.

Tracking Your Billing Time: Total 60 minutes

8-01-09 – 10 min – Initial contact with Linda and talked about her situation and the process we will go through to purchase a foreclosure home for her and have it be TAX FREE through her self-directed Roth IRA. She understands there is no guarantee on a short sales on the price we can get from the mortgage company or if they will even follow through with a short sale. She understands we are here to coach her through the process.

8-02-09 – 10 min – Left Linda a message and she called back. We discussed more details of our plan.

8-05-09 – 5 min – Left Linda a message and gave information.

8-06-09 – 10 min – Christa from First Franklin called me and said fax documents attention short sale department. Dan did that and will call Christa in 24 hours and conference Linda in for questions and directions. Talked with Linda and gave her a run down on the process. Home owner has a 80/20 loan and the loan number is 504xxx283.

8-16-09 – 15 min – Homeowner will fax me the documents they need to fill out. I’ll email it to Linda. Talked with the homeowner and they said they have not made payments for the last 4 months. I recommended they fill out as much of the paperwork as possible. Linda and I worked over other details of the hardship letter, income statement, and expenses that the homeowner needs to fill out.

8-19-09 – 10 min – First Franklin faxed the short sale approval documents. Dan emailed them to Linda along with other documents needed to purchase the home through her self-directed Roth IRA.

Those that want to be coached on how to buy and sell homes, rentals, commercial properties, and foreclosures realize they need the education and are willing to pay for it.

We feel that coaching is the best avenue for those who want to investment income. Coaching as opposed to just doing the work for you leads to empowerment. Of course if you are interested in one of my Rent Ready Properties we will do all the work for you because that’s what most people want with that program.

Many companies will charge a lot for books, tapes, CD’s, and DVD’s but not offer much coaching or they will charge $10,000 or more for coaching. When the process is over the student is left feeling like they got some assistant, not the guru who makes the educational information or spoke at the seminar. They don’t know how this happened and are very upset with the outcome. The company says sorry that is the best we can do for you. Take it or leave it. You now are stuck with it and good luck getting your money back. Not much of a service.

When we coach you through the process of Real Estate Investing we have you doing the majority of the work, you know exactly what is going on and what to expect. There are no surprises. You learn what it takes to make it in the investment direction you have chosen. You learn what needs to be done and how to do it, what to say and what not to say. We empower you to take charge and it’s a lesson you will never forget. This keeps you from slipping back into the situation of not know what to, where to go, or how to work through the process. Now let’s get started so we can generate some income!

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